Product development :

Sunshine Horticulture deems technology innovation as the core value. The company founded its own product research center; and the research areas cover horticulture breeding, rapid propagation of tissue culture, plant nutrition, transgenic ornamental, plant diseases and pests inspect, low temperature reservation technology of plant, biotechnology. Our solid research ensures our products to be top in the field; and it leads the company transformation from greenery industry to biotechnology. Each year, the company generates 60 to 80 new tissue culture plant, and 3 to 5 new plant product added to the market. Our research center is also actively prepare to enter the biological agents field.

New products
1. Tissue culture plant
Spathiphyllum, Alocasia, Syngonium, Philodendron, Dieffenbachia, Aglaonema, Bromeliaceae
Agave, Dracaena, Cordyline Australia such as red star red; sensation, sundance, dark star
Yucca; Cordyline Australia; Anthurium; phalaenopsis; Cymbidium; Bromeliaceae; Ferns; Spathiphyllum; Ficus¡¯ Eucalyptus; Syngonium; Philodendron;; Garden and landscape plant
Carnivore plant
Phormium, Ophiopogon, Aspidistra
Foliage plant
Calathea, Alpinia, Ficus, Ferns, Aphelandra
Flower ornamental
Phalaenopsis£¬Doritaenopsis£¬Oncidium£¬Cymbidium, Dedrobium, Anthurim, Bromeliaceae£¬Zamioculcas¡£
Economic plant
Eucalyptus, Jatropha, Camellia
Fruit plant
Musa, strawberry
All kinds of bubble plant
Basion plant
Chinese roots
Lucky bamboo
Money tree
Alocasia cacullua
Landscape plant